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Suitable for adults onlyBuffy and Angel. There is nobody quite like them, is there? What is it about the Buffy and Angel dynamic that keeps us coming back for more? Maybe itís the hope that one day they will be together in spite of everything. Maybe it's the knowledge that their love is doomed and tragic. Whatever it is, and even after all these years, there are thousands of us who still care.

This site is dedicated to their story.

LATEST STORIES (26th January 2014): Here is Catharsis, part 14 of Dark Star's Harsh Reality series. I'm not sure that enjoy is the right word, but you know what I mean!

LATEST STORIES (12th January 2014): A new year, and a new story - and it's one many of you have been waiting for. This is Schism, the final part of Jo's Nature of the Beast. So... what are you waiting for?

Midnight Roses is an adult fiction archive. We're gathering together an amazing selection of B/A stories, written by some of your favourite authors, to bring you the very best of B/A. Our stories are written by adults, for adults, as many of our stories will have themes not suitable for the younger audience.

Our stories will make you laugh, and they will make you cry. There will be action, angst, love and passion. But above all - there will be hope. In spite of all the sites that are falling by the wayside, and all the people who are drifting away - we're going to prove that it's never over. Care to join us?

Midnight Roses is completely unofficial and no money is made from this site.

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